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Originally posted on my Sunflour Delights blog.

I’m a homemaker in Colorado who makes specialty cakes and cookie platters throughout the year, but mostly for holidays, birthdays, and events. I have published this blog to show the work I have done, to post recipes, pictures, how-to tutorials, and links of other great sources.

I design and make many different types of cakes, cupcakes, cookies and confections. I do cookie platters and gift bags for holidays and events. Themed cakes and creepy cookies are a favorite at Halloween, and my gingerbread houses and gift tins are popular for the Christmas holiday season.

Even though I am not a business, I have on occasion, made treats for others. A small donation to cover the costs of ingredients, and a little for my time is all I ask. I love sharing my art with my friends and neighbors. It makes the work much more fulfilling!

We may become a full-fledged business in the future, however, food licenses are difficult to obtain for home business’. So for now, I just do ‘favors’ for my friends and neighbors.

Thank you for visiting! Don’t be bashful, feel free to comment on anything you see here.

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