Without Friends

Friends are a possession everyone needs and desires. #poetry #depression #lifelessons RamblingBoho.com

Without Friends

Originally written January 30, 2010 at 8:24pm

Friends are a possession everyone needs and desires. #poetry #depression #lifelessons RamblingBoho.comFriends.

Friends are an integral part of being. Without friends, life doesn’t hold much meaning.

Without a friend to share your achievements, there seems no reason to try to achieve.

Without a friend’s shoulder to cry on, sadness rampages you without release.

Without a friend to share the love you have for someone or something, that love feels bland and pointless.

Without a friend, lifelessness consumes you. Friends make life bearable. Friends make life…fun.

Friends are a possession everyone needs and desires.

Friends are not easy to make for some. Those who do not have trouble making friends do not understand. “Just go find some friends”, is not that easy. Not real friend.

True friends are hard to find, and should be cherished when found.

Life without friends is loneliness. Loneliness is the darkness of life.

That darkness will engulf you when you do not have friends. Friends keep you from living in that darkness.

Friends keep you alive. Without friends, life passes by without love, without laughter, without emotion.

Without friends the world is dark and sad.

Without friends, life loses meaning and becomes existence.

Existence without friends is no life at all.

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