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Goodie Girl Cookies

I received this product from the company, with no promise of review.
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Goodie Girl CookiesGoodie Girl Cookies are an all-natural, super delicious line of cookies that are amazingly gluten-free.

So many yummy cookies, so little time!

Goodie Girl has 5 flavors of cookies:


All are gluten-free…..but you’d never know it. Honestly, I had no idea these were gluten-free when I tasted them. It wasn’t until afterwards that I found out. That says a lot!

The first two flavors are the Oatmeal Raisin, and the Midnight Brownie.

The Midnight Brownie: “a dark cocoa brownie, packed with chunks of semi-sweet Belgium chocolate. Not overly sweet.”

I had received a package of these in a subscription box. When I took the first bite, I was slightly put off. But after the second bite, yum! I really liked these, and this is the flavor that I had me contacting Goodie Girl for a review. My tween daughter who is a picky eater gobbled these down & wanted more. Yup. They’re good. Goodie. You get it.

The Oatmeal Raisin: “A scintillating update to a classic that will evoke fond memories that will wake up your taste buds.”

This is where my honesty comes in…. Although I really liked the flavor of these cookies & they tasted great, the scent that they have is odd. This makes you think they wont taste good when you go to take a bite. I mean think about it. When you take a bite of something, it hovers under your nose for a bit, that smell triggers your taste buds. I couldn’t pinpiont it, but it wasn’t in the taste at all.

Mint Slims: “So get down with my forever cool, Mint Slims.”

These were real good. A bit more ‘minty’ than the other ‘girl’ cookies. Mr. SnuggleBunny didn’t like the texture. The rest of us liked them. Hmmm… I wonder how these are frozen? I love Thin Mints frozen. ….off to the freezer!

A mom, native New Yorker, and founder of Goodie Girl Cookies, began her quest in 2010 to create an all-natural, super delicious line of cookies that are AMAZINGLY gluten-free. Aimed at everyone who loves cookies while still accessible to the 30% growing population who avoid gluten. She succeeded!

They have large 6oz bags available (Mints come in a 7oz box), and they have smaller Go Bags as well.

The last flavors are the Quinoa Chocolate Chip, and the Toffee Chaos.

Quinoa Chocolate Chunk: “Quinoa is the brain food of the Aztecs. Shove some chocolate in there and ‘Oh…my!'”

I was learry with quinoa in a cookie. Granola yes, but a cookie? So I gave these to my son to try. Quinoa doesn’t intimidate him as a health food because as far as I know he’s never heard of it. He ate them up. I decided to give them a try. Yup, they were pretty darn good! I think there are only 2 or 3 left in the bag. LOL

Toffee Chaos: “Buttery bits of toffee, caramelized crispy rice, and mini chocolate chips.”

The Toffee Chaos were my absolute favorite. They are crisp and flavorful. They taste like…. well, a toffee cookie! Not a gluten-free healthy cookie. You can’t keep these things away from me.

If you’re trying to eliminate gluten in your diet, and didn’t think there were any tasty cookies for you out there, you are wrong! These are great gluten-free cookies. Try some. Go ahead. I dare ya. đŸ˜‰

To find Goodie Girl Cookies near you, visit their Store Locator.  After reaching out to Goodie Girl, I found them at my local Target. Now I can continue to enjoy these delicious cookies! Or, you can order online if no stores in your area carry Goodie Girl.

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