50 Crazy Uses for Coca-Cola

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Did you know there are a whole bunch of ways to use soda pop that has nothing to do with drinking it?  Would you like to know 50 of them?  How about 51? 😉


You prolly did that experiment in school where you put a nail in a bottle of Coca-Cola, only to come back the next day & see the rust removed. Then to come back in a week and see the entire nail dissolved. Pretty freaky huh. And we guzzle this stuff by the gallon!

Coca-Cola 1886 – Present Day

One of the active ingredients in Coca Cola is phosphoric acid. It has a pH of 2.8, (On a scale of 1 -14, with 1 being the most acidic, 7 being neutral, and 14 being very caustic). Pure phosphoric acid can eat through metal, and dissolve concrete, but it sure makes the coke taste good.

But this insanely good tasting, rust eating carbonated drink can be used for so much more. Here are a few interesting ones……

These tips were taken from around the web. I hold no ownership to any of them. I have not tried all of these.  Also, before you decide to use any tips on our pages, please read our disclaimer, here. Thank you!

1. Keep those cut flowers fresh longer

Add about 1/4-cup of Coke in the vase and add the desired amount of water. The sugar in the cola will make the flowers last longer.

2. Relieve Jelly Fish Sting

Coke can be used to relieve the sting from Jelly Fish. All you have to do is pour the Coke over the sting.

3. Hiccup Cure

Take a good mouthful of Coke and gargle it.

4. Removing Blood

In many states the highway patrol carries two gallons of Coke in the trunk to remove blood from the highway after a car accident. It “eats” the blood off the concrete and looks like water therefore it is not so noticeable as kitty litter or sawdust.

5. The Trots

The most effective treatment is to get a 2ltr bottle of coke, take the top off and let it go flat, and up to room temperature, then drink 1 glass every couple of hours. BINGO… all fixed up inside.

6. Rust or blood stains on your clothing

Rub some Coke into the stain, leave it sit a few minutes, and wash it as usual.

7. Loosen a Rusty Bolt

Applying a cloth soaked in Coca Cola to the rusted bolt for several minutes. (We’ve used this while trying to break the bolts off a 1993 fuel tank. It worked better than WD-40. – House-Wise)

 8. Prevent an asthma attack

Apparently, the caffeine in two 12oz cans can prevent the onset of an attack.

 9. Eliminate snails and slugs that are feasting in your flower bed or garden

Leave them a few bowls of Coke. The sweetness of the Coke will attract them, and the acid in it will kill them.

10. Clean Battery Corrosion

Pour a can of Coke on your car battery’s connections to remove the corrosion. A clean connection makes it easier to start your car. (You can use this on connections in electronic equipment after a batter has leaked. This, I’ve done. – House-Wise)

11. De-Skunk

For those of you who live in areas where skunk smells can be an issue from time to time, one can of coke added to a bucket of water with detergent really helps to break the odor down. If you have been sprayed, stand in the shower and cover yourself from head to toe with coke – wait for a few minutes, then rinse off.

12. Cooking with ColaAdd pizazz to many of your favorite recipes

Substitute Coke for part of the liquid in cookies, cakes and brownies. To make an easy sweet glaze for a ham, pour a coke in the bottom of the pan and wrap the ham in aluminum foil. Remove the aluminum foil during the last 30 minutes of cooking. Combine Coke with ketchup for an impromptu barbecue sauce, or mix it with a packet of ranch or Italian salad dressing and brush it on a pot roast.

13. Colic Remedy

Leave out a glass of warm coke and give it a stir now and then during the day so most of the bubbles are out by the time colic normally hits. Put it in the babies bottle and let him drink and burp like you normally would and the colic and tears will be gone. Use flat, regular Coca Cola (not diet).

14. Add extra life to plants

Plants in your garden that prefer acidic soil, such as rhododendrons, azalea, marigolds, evergreens, phlox, blueberries or strawberries. Just pour a little Coke on the soil around the plants.

15. Wasp & Ant Detourer & Killer

Pour a little in a cup and set it out an hour before a picnic, away from your site; it will attract wasps and bees so they’re not bugging you and your grub.  Coca-Cola is sugary, and bugs love sugar. However, it’s full of other stuff that can kill them.

16. Keep Your Tires Dirt Free

First, wash and scrub your tires then dry off the rims. Then you just spray the Coca Cola (reg. not diet) onto your tires. Or, just use a rag dipped in the coke and rub onto your tires. Let dry and repeat. This will leave the tires black as can be and will not attract the dirt like all the other products out there.

17. Plump Raisins Tip for Cooking

When baking, if you need to “plump” raisins before adding to cakes and cookies, soak them in Coca Cola instead of water. Water leaches out the flavor of the raisins, but Coke adds a spiciness and intensifies the flavor.

18. Clean your pool with CokeClean your Pool

Add two 2-liter bottles of Coke to clear up the water (it acts as rust remover).

19. Clean Burnt Pans Effortlessly

On “How Clean Is Your House” (British show), the ladies cleaned a long-forgotten burnt saucepan simply by boiling some Coca Cola in it.

20. Get a Tan

Use some Coke, not diet coke, cherry coke or generic, just plain Coke, and apply it over skin. The coke dries in your skin and then your skin is silky. This is the best tanning lotion, ever.

21. Start A Compost Pile

To start up your compost pile start with straw, lawn waste, old leaves, and in the middle add a can of coke. Put it near where you can turn it easily once a month and add water but remember, you don’t want to make it too soggy. After a few months the coke will turn it into usable compost.

22. Hard Water Stains

Use the cola and toilet brush to break the film and allow the soda pop to sit for awhile. Flush when finished and you have a toilet as good as new.

23. Beautiful Curls

Pour a can of flat coke onto long hair and leave it in for a few minutes before washing thoroughly for perfectly separated curls.

24. Antique Your Photos

This tip from the Women’s World magazine. To make a new photo look antique, just take a photo (make sure you have a second print of the photo in case you mess up!!) and soak it in Coca Cola. I just used a small brownie pan and poured in about 1/2 inch of Coca Cola. Then I put in the photo until it was covered with the cola. Just soak for a few minutes until you get the color that you want. Gently lift out the photo (careful not to touch the front with your fingers). Then gently pat dry with a soft lintless material. Or, drip dry. Then finish drying with a hair dryer.

25. Clean your engine

Coke distributors have been using this technique for decades.

26. Mentos Explosion

Get one of those chewy mints called Mentos. Original flavor please. Get a bottle of diet Coke and drop it in. Get back. It will fizz and explode out. MUST be “Diet Coke” – name brand.

27. Yummy Constipation Remedy

Just take 1 to 3 Tablespoons of Caster or Mineral oil and mix in the blender with a cup or so of Coca Cola for a few moments. It tastes just like Cream Soda! (If you are pregnant, do not use mineral oil, caster oil, or any other laxative without consulting your Doctor.)

28. Too Dark Dye Job

Need to strip dye from hair, or at least fade it? Pour a bottle of diet coke (and diet coke only) over your hair, it helps fade dye and even remove it.

29. Gum in your Hair

Just take the gum coated hair and dip in a small bowl that has some Coca Cola in it. Let sit for just a few minutes and the gum will wipe right off.

30. For the Sink and Tub

Coke breaks the film and leaves them sparkling. Pour directly on the area and wipe with a rag. It also helps to unclog hair and debris in your pipes as it goes down.

Clean your toilet with Coke31. To Clean a Toilet

Pour a can of Coca-Cola into the toilet bowl. Let the “real thing” sit for one hour, then flush clean. The citric acid in Coke removes stains from vitreous china.

 32. Clean Ancient Coins

Use Coca Cola to clean ancient bronze coins. Badly corroded coins are first soaked in 100 percent lye for several weeks, then in the final stage, they are soaked in Coke and hand cleaned.

 33. Something’s Fishy

In Kodiak, Alaska, at the local Laundromat, the staff charge an extra dollar per load of drop-off laundry to add Coke to your wash. It is the “only” thing I ever saw that got the stink of Halibut out of fishing clothes, and it even works on clothes that have been washed and dried – if you wash them again with Coke, the smell will come entirely out”

 34. Silky Soft Skin

Mixed a spoonful of regular coca-cola (not diet) with unscented lotion. A remedy for dry skin, now smooth.

35. Clean Tile Grout

Use some Coca Cola on the grout of your kitchen or bathroom floor. Pour it on and let is sit a few minutes. When wiped up, the grout is as white as can be!

36. Remove Oil Stains from the Driveway

The best way to remove oil stains from concrete driveways or garages is to pour on coke, let it soak then hose off.

 37. No Kidney Stones

Supposedly, drinking an 8oz can of Coke every day can prevent kidney stones.

38. Clean Your Kettle

Add a 2 liter coca cola (the real thing!) to you kettle and let it settle for a day. Then rinse your kettle out a few times and wipe clean and kapow its clean! Your kettle is now de-scaled and dirt free.

Coke Removes Rust from Metal39. Remove rust spots from chrome car bumpers

Rub the bumper with a crumpled-up piece of Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil dipped in Coca-Cola.

 40. Carpet Stains

Pour some coke over the stain. (Please try this in a inconspicuous place first!) After letting the coke set, gently using a scrub brush, the  stain should lift. Use a little soapy water which consists of tide and water to gently wipe over area.

 41. Ice Removal

In the winter when your windshield ices up, just pour coke over it and it will go away instantly.

42. Greener Grass

Spray an inexpensive cola on your grass once a month for super green grass which remains greener than other lawns throughout the fall and winter months. Also, for green grass and no bugs, combine: 1 can of coke, 1 cup of ammonia and 1/4 cup of dish soap. Spray on grass once a month.

43. Common Cold

Take some fresh ginger and put it in a pot with a can of Coca Cola. Let it come to a boil and then cook on a low heat for a few minutes. Drink while warm. It will ease your cold symptoms!

44. Congestion

When a person feels congested and has a lot of phlem, a glass of hot coca cola before going to bed for several days will help a lot.

 45. Drain Clog Preventative

Pour Coke down your drain once a month to keep it from clogging.

 46. Relieve Nausea

If you are nauseated open a can of Coke and let it stand until the carbonation goes away, then take a teaspoonfull every hour.

….Here is a quick tip for taking the carbonation out of Coke fast, add a teaspoon of sugar to the Cola.

47. Remove Grease, Creosote & Asphalt from Clothes

If you get grease, creosote or asphalt on clothing, just pour a can of regular coke in the wash water, along with the normal amount of detergent. The Coke will remove the stain.

 48. Strip paint off metal furniture

Soak a towel in Coke, sit it on the surface for days. Make sure you keep adding Coke to keep the towel wet.

 49. Clean your Windows of Bug & Road Film

Got bug guts and road haze on you car windshield? Use Coke to clean off accumulated crud from the windscreen of your car. The citric and phosphoric acids lift everything off, including crusted on bugs. Best not to do it in full sun, and wash it off immediately.

Rum & Coke

50. Make an anti-slick Floor

Mop the floor with soda. It’s a movie industry trick to stop actors slipping.

51. Lice Remover

Shampoo hair. Saturate hair with cola. Let dry. Rinse hair once dry.

52.  …Add it to vodka, rum or bourbon. (hehehe)



Coke and aspirin will not get you high.
Coke is not an effective spermicide.
Coke poured onto raw pork will not cause worms to come crawling out of it.
The acids in Coke do not make it dangerous to drink (your own stomach acids are much stronger).
Drinking too much Coke will not make you die from CO2 poisoning.
Coke does not contain cocaine (although it used to).
Coke did not become carbonated by accident.

What do you use Coke for?

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